To become a member


KDAN subscribes to ethos of equality, equity and diversity and is therefore open to all Kenyans and their affiliates (family members) living in The Netherlands. Hence, KDAN is open to Kenyans irrespective of their race, gender, religion, political, career or immigration status.

Who can be a member?

Membership is open to ANY Kenyan national with his/her spouse and children residing in the Netherlands either temporarily or permanently. Individual members from age 19 years, shall pay 20 Euros per person as annual subscription/membership fee.


Individual membership

2nd generation Kenyans without Kenyan citizenship

2nd generation Kenyans (from 19 years old) shall pay 20 Euros per person as annual Subscription/membership fee.

Organisational membership

Profit & Non-profit

  • Non-profit making organisations shall pay 60 Euros for registration and annual membership.
  • Profit making organisations shall pay 100 Euros for registration and annual membership
Organisational membership

Why register with KDAN?

Individual and group members shall have access to KDAN and partner-organised seminars aimed at educating members in different fields. Member organisations shall enjoy publicity through our website and occasionally organized events by KDAN.