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Discover a home away from home with KDAN. Join us to enhance your social, economic, and cultural ties in the Netherlands. Together, let's grow and prosper!

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KDAN invites you to a community of support, culture, and prosperity. Join KDAN today and become part of a vibrant family where every Kenyan in the Netherlands finds their home.


Embrace Traditions


One of our goals is to promote social and cultural cohesion amongst Kenyans in the Netherlands. Through this, we promote stronger ties between Kenyan Diaspora, the Dutch society and Kenya.

Empower Lives


Promoting economic welfare amongst our members is paramount. One of the many ways we do this is assisting Kenyans who suffer unforeseen hardship or difficulties settling in the Netherlands.

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Harmony Beyond Borders


We aim at providing immigration information and integration support for Kenyans in the Netherlands. We assist members in various areas important for members to settle and integrate within Dutch society.

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Empower your journey with KDAN in the Netherlands. We foster unity, welfare, and integration for Kenyans. Join us in shaping a thriving community and future!