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About us 1

Welkom/Karibu to the Netherlands. Kenya Diaspora Association Netherlands (KDAN) is an umbrella body representing the interests of Kenyans and Kenyan organizations in the Netherlands. Our aim is to assist Kenyans on matters of welfare, immigration and integration while promoting our culture, businesses and expertise in our community and in the Netherlands.

Kenyan Diaspora Association in The Netherlands (KDAN) was formed to connect and unite Kenyans both in The Netherlands and Kenya, fostering a vibrant community bridging cultures and building futures together.


Cultivate social, cultural identity, uniting Kenyans in the Netherlands for community enrichment.

Foster members' economic well-being, advancing prosperity within the KDAN community.

To provide immigration information and integration support for Kenyans in the Netherlands.

Who We Are


Our Vision

To be the holistic information hub and a home away from home for all Kenyans living in the Netherlands, so that Kenyans from all walks of life and tribe will unite and work together to develop our Community in the Netherlands and our country Kenya, in partnership with the Kenya Embassy in Netherlands.


Our Mission

To empower Kenyans living in the Netherlands by creating a platform for information, networking and for economic growth.


Our Objective

To connect Kenyans with each other, to address their social welfare, economic welfare, Immigration and Integration matters.

If You Have Any Question,
Feel Free to Call +31(6)40230409

Empower your journey with KDAN in the Netherlands. We foster unity, welfare, and integration for Kenyans. Join us in shaping a thriving community and future!